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Who am I?

Well, like most moms/wives/friends that is a complicated question… best answered by… Who do I need to be? A lego fixer? A BMX bike fan? The lunch lady? The cleaning service? A comforter? A confidante? A hot wife (I’m trying my best honey)? A vacation planner? A Laundry specialist? A workout partner? A friend? A Bible study teacher? A prayer warrior? A believer knows about Jewish stuff? A digital scrapbooking instructor? A friend who has so many problems that it makes anyone feel good to be around me? Ha! My life is sheer craziness, but I love it and want to share what I can so you can join me and we’ll all try to find wisdom on this journey.

Ok, so here is the stuff that you were looking for: I am a home educator mom of 4 boys! That’s right 4 boys and no girls, and NO we are not going to try for a girl… as every stranger seems to want to know! Anyway, I am home all day with all these boys including my husband who is a graphic designer and web consultant. In my spare time, I love chatting with friends over tea and studying and teaching the Bible. Because I worked hard for this, I’ll mention that I have a degree in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design (where Scott and I met). After two years of working at an Architectural firm, I left to stay at home and be a mom!

The most important thing about my identity is that I am crazy in love with Jesus, yes, you heard me right. He saved me from myself and sin and I am so grateful to Him and hope to live a life that shows the transformation only He alone could make. About 12 years ago I realized that He, Jesus, was Jewish. Now I guess I really already kinda knew that, although I think I thought He became a Christian after His death or something. Anyway, He didn’t, which means that as a child of God I am part of the Jewish family in a way. It’s all over the New Testament, God LOVES His Jewish People… still… and forever! Well, what He loves, I love! I have super Good News to share, Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah of Israel, came and died to forgive all sins for those who accept Him as their Savior. He wants to have a relationship with us whether we are Jewish or not. A fire burns within me that I might be a light to the world through my weakness and His strength.

Thanks for dropping by and entering my little world, I pray you leave more blessed than you came!

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With the Love of Messiah, Tamery