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Box to Basket Kick Off

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Click here to watch: Box to Basket Kick Off

I challenge myself to transition from feeding my family boxed & preserved foods to fresh healthy meals and snacks! I gave myself 8 weeks and set a goal for each one. I hope you will be inspired and follow along as I share my struggles and victories each week and set the goal for the next 7 days.

You can find the weekly videos under the “whatevs” tab in the navigation.

You can easily adapt my plan to fit your family, and I truly hope that you will move your family to better health.

See my inspiration:
The Organic Eater
Home Cooked Healthy
Maximized Living

A special thanks to Dana Ramsey who inspired me and cheered me on and to Angela Sage who has amazing recipes and has checked in on me often and to Dr. Brandon Lee who gave me a free copy of the Maximized Living Nutrition Plan book that both Dana and Angela used as a resource start for their healthy lifestyle changes.


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