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How I got my kids to STOP LYING

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Click here to watch: How I got my kids to STOP LYING

Lying seems to come natural because naturally, who wants to pay for the consequences of our choices? It’s so important that we teach our kids to step out of the natural response and into an obedient response. Our kids should know that our correction is for their good and therefore, they will respect authority and live a blessed life.
We as parents need to step it up and knock out lying, Satan loves darkness, secrets and hiding and he’ll try to get our kids to practice just that- kick sin in the teeth & bring peace to your home!
See how I do it and get ideas that might work for you!


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Sarah says: July 19, 2014 at 7:49 PM | Reply

Hi Tamery, It’s 10:30am here in Australia, and I just found your blog on parenting. Oh my goodness, you are a God send to me. I have a 13yo son & a 9yo daughter whom I homeschool. My husband & I just watched your video on dealing with lying and we loved you straight away. Your the real deal, just dealing with all the crap in parenting. Anyway, the other day I had just come back from the shops, and I went out the back looking for my son, anyway I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘listen’, so I stood still and I over heard my son telling our neighbour that he won $4000 and has won that amount 6 times. I was like, WHAT!!!!!! I could NOT believe what I was hearing, it felt so sereal. Now I am not one of those parents that wear rose colored glassed when it comes to our kids. I know they are born into sin, and basically as a parent we are training them to do what doesn’t come naturally to the sin nature. Man it’s tough. But honestly, making up that lie just shocked me. I didn’t react, but I confrinted my son inside about it, and told him that the Lord allowed me to hear what you said, and I wondering why you made that up. I was like “does it make you feel better”? I was like, you have an awesome life here and you are so blessed. Anyway, since then I have been seeking God about the right kind of punishment for straight up lies like this and omisson lies. Anyway, my husband & I are going to use your punishment of laying on their beds. BUT, I know my son will fight, probably mouth off and try his hardest to not stay in his room. So my thought is, I might say well mate, their is no food until you do we we say! What you think? Have your fought the punishment you have given them? Thank you so much for sharing your real life situations and I look forward to connecting with you and hearing from you. Kind Regards, Sarah p.s I am your latest like on facebook, just thought I would add that in. 🙂

Sarah says: July 19, 2014 at 7:58 PM | Reply

Hey, it’s me again! I just read my comment and because of homeschooling I have become a bit of a spelling police, so sorry about the misspelled words going on!!! Also I just read your “About You’ section and saw that you love Jesus and you homeschool your four boys. So now I really feel blessed to have found this blog. Praise God! Bye for now. Sarah