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Every Believer Should Know Pentecost

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Some of God’s ordained Feasts are weird. The Feast of Shavuot is one of those! There are hidden mysteries in each of God’s Feasts and this one, otherwise known as Pentecost, is super exciting in it’s fulfillment. Moses was told to command the Priests to wave two loaves of bread before the Lord in commemoration of the giving of the Law and establishment of Israel as a nation at Mt. Sinai. The Amazing thing is that event also foreshadowed the giving of the Holy Spirit and the establishment of the “Church” or group of believers in Messiah!
You will learn something and you will like it 🙂

This Teaching is Part 2 of “Jesus Raised on the Feast of First Fruits” see link below
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Verses of support:
Levitucus 23:15 (2 loaves made with yeast-illustration of people)
1Corithians Leaven is a corrupting agent (people are sinful and corrupt) Bread at Passover is without leaven and that bread pictures Messiah without sin.
Exodus 19;20;24&32(golden calf & 3,000 died)
Acts 2 The Feast of Pentecost was being celebrated by Jews from every nation
Acts 2:37 the devout Jewish men were cut to the heart when they heard the gospel (3,000 were saved-became followers of the Way or Messianic Beleivers)
2 Corithians 13:1 God uses 2 witnesses to establish truth
Romans 11:24 Gentiles are grafted into the Jewish line of faith (vs.24 their own tree)
1Corinthians 16:8 Paul mentions Pentecost to the mostly Gentile “church”
Acts 20:16 Paul wants to be in Jerusalem for Pentecost (still celebrating the Feasts)

See: Sam Nadler’s Book, Messiah in the Feasts of Israel (there is a link in my “likes”)

Please leave a comment below on whether this was informative or email me with any questions.


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