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Priest Prophet King

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Click here to watch: Priest Prophet King

Priest Prophet King: Are the 3 offices of Messiah which give us a clear picture of balance of leadership. We are now putting this in place in our home and amazing blessings are starting to happen! I want to share this with others so that the enemy loses the power to disrupt the Peace God meant for you and your spouse. This principle holds true for any leadership position, so this video is for anyone!

Watch “The BIGGEST mistake I made in Marriage” to see our struggles & victories on this topic

Branch: Isaiah 11:1,Jeremiah 23:5&33:15,Zechariah 3:8&6:12
Leaders are held to account: Hebrews 13:17,1 Timothy 3:1-7
God chose the guy: Ephesians 5:22,1 Peter 3:1,Genesis 3:16

Thanks to the many hours of free marriage counseling that Dr. Sam Nadler gave to my husband and I out of his love for our family! Thank goodness we are finally using his wisdom (from the Lord) better late than never!


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