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The Heart of Anger

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I always tell people that this book ought to be titled “If you are a parent you must read this”. You most certainly do not have to have an angry child to need this book; it will save you from many headaches and heartaches down the road!

This book was simply the single most influence on my parenting. This advice saved me from the destructive path I was headed down. I was already yelling and even slamming doors because I was at a loss as to how to handle being at home all day by myself with a baby. By God’s Grace I heard the author speaking on the radio and immediately bought his book. I’ve used its wisdom for the 13 years I’ve been parenting. He pulls out scripture which describes the provocation of anger. With each verse the author explains how these truths apply to our parenting.

When people ask me how I have such nice boys, (& there are 4 of them) I have to say that it is due to the amazing books and people that God has sent my way; their wisdom saved my family!

With any parenting book, I suggest you eat the fish and leave the bones. I haven’t adopted all the actions in this book to a T, but used God’s discernment for direction with each kid. This book is a great foundation and because the Word of God is clearly True, this book in invaluable.

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